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Essential Habits To Maintain Health And Productivity

In the last few days I’ve been talking more than ever about health. It’s not that I’m planning a niche change, becoming the new fitness muse (kkk), none of that. But it’s just that I’ve noticed more than ever the impact of certain healthy habits on my productivity and mood at work.

That’s why, today, I decided to share with you some habits that I consider essential for good health – the first step in protecting the company’s most important and trustworthy asset: you.

Sleep well

This 5AM club fad, “work while others sleep” and the notion that sleep is a waste of time can be very toxic. And, in addition to being dangerous for health, it is also very counterproductive.

There are numerous studies that show the health harms of sleep deprivation, but there is no need to go that far. Anyone who maintains this habit for a few days already notices changes in mood, mood and creativity.

I know I hit this key a lot, but it’s a fact: without imagination and creativity, we have no difference over a robot or a machine capable of doing mechanical work much more efficiently. Prioritizing habits that promote creativity is the best path to innovation.

There are people who, yes, wake up naturally early and need less sleep. But they are the exception. And statistically, you’re more likely to be overcharging yourself when you expect to sleep 5 hours every night and be fine.

Have moments of leisure and silence

This is another undervalued habit that I consider essential to keeping the mind creative and sharp. By idle moments I don’t mean watching Netflix or hanging out on social media at all. I mean, literally, do nothing. Just think.

It even seems strange this idea in a world as fast and connected as we live. But that’s exactly why it’s necessary to take a few minutes every day to get away from all this noise and reflect. You can think about work, but also about life, dreams, the things you want to accomplish.

My best ideas came like that, in moments of “no purpose” reflection. I do this constantly in the morning, before my readings, with the house silent and a cup of coffee in hand. I think the expression “doing lots of nothing” is the best way to define this habit, it sounds fun and it’s definitely a good way to not only maintain inspiration but mental health as well. Allow yourself to do several nothings!

Have a light and healthy diet

We associate too much food and diet with fitness, but the truth is that the benefits of good eating habits go far, far beyond the mirror. Even because eating well and being healthy may not bring you the appearance you want, as we know that the biotype of each one speaks louder.

But the impact of good nutrition on your health and disposition is undeniable. In the short term, a good diet leaves you with more energy, without sleep and without discomfort such as stomach pain, gas or bloating. Have you ever tried to be productive and happy with gastritis? It’s not a cupcake, no!

In the long run, good nutrition prevents illness and ensures that you are well and active virtually every day of the year. Who has iron health does not get sick from any change of climate, ok?

Of course, to adopt healthy habits, the ideal is that you seek a nutritionist and set up a personalized eating plan for your needs and tastes. As a rule, the healthiest is to avoid processed foods, eat vegetables at every meal and go easy on quantities. Only then can your life take a leap in quality!

exercise regularly

Repeat after me: training is not something privileged with free time to spare. It is not. In fact, leaving it to exercise only when you have time is pretty dumb math, as it doesn’t take into account the gains in productivity and longevity that regular exercise promotes.

Of course it doesn’t have to be gym, or running, or anything pre-determined. You choose what you like, it makes sense for you and for your routine. But it needs to be frequent, at least 3 times a week. I guarantee the mood will take an instant turn with the adoption of this habit!

I usually do weight training 3 times a week and some faster activity on the other days, like running in HIT (High Intensive Training – short intense training) or cycling listening to a podcast.

One thing that helped a lot to stay steady was hiring a personal trainer at least once a week. With an appointment made with someone, it is more difficult to leave the gym aside to prioritize another task. If you can afford it, it is an investment that is worth a lot!

Share ideas, anxieties and dreams

Finally, I need to highlight what I consider to be one of the most powerful tools in mental health. Share. We are social beings and I have no doubt that keeping dreams and problems to yourself can create a difficult and unnecessary burden.

If you are privileged to have family, friends, or a partner to talk to, don’t miss the chance to open that door. We get so used to life online that we often dive into our cell phone or TV at times when we could make this exchange.

Share, propose an offline night at home, ask about each other’s challenges and desires. Create this bridge. If you don’t have someone at home with whom you can do this, try to reach out to colleagues, acquaintances, or groups you identify with.

And of course, if you can, also seek professional assistance with a psychologist. This can help you deal with your problems better, think of solutions or simply feel better and lighter.

Starting therapy is something that is at the top of my plans for this semester – and I’m a very well-resolved person, both professionally and personally. But I have no doubt that this follow-up can do me a lot of good.

Let’s put it into practice?

I hope these tips inspire you to adopt healthy habits and take better care of yourself, your physical and mental health.

We need to break this division that exists between work and health. One does not exist without the other – health gives us strength and inspiration to work and work gives us the sense of purpose that is fundamental to a healthy and harmonious life.

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