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8 Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Get Without Spending So Much

Christmas is coming! one of the most beloved times to enjoy with the family, where the little ones are filled with hope waiting for that special date of the year and let’s be honest, mainly the Gifts!

Like us, you must be excited for the arrival of the Christmas season, however, the concern that arises every year is already beginning… What to give? How much to spend? Where to buy?

A great gift for teens is a printable frame with a positive message for them, which you can get from PreciousRay Etsy store, and you’ll help them get a better behavior during the whole next year.

Buying the perfect gift can be difficult or out of our budget, in addition, thinking about gifts for children is even more complicated, but don’t worry! So that this does not happen to you, we have some ideas to inspire you and help you choose the perfect gift.

Christmas gift ideas for boys and girls

1- Gadgets for children

There is an increasing supply of gadgets and technological devices for children, which should be consumed in moderation. If you wonder which one will be the most suitable for your children, it depends on your budget, the child’s tastes and their age. That is why we want to share with you the options most sought after by parents.

  • to digital clock
  • smart-band
  • bluetooth speakers
  • bluetooth headset
  • mini insta camera
  • tablets for kids

2- Board Games

We have all shared a passion for board games, which are a guarantee of fun for all ages as they put different skills to the test and contribute to their development. We invite you to know the most wanted and classic games.

  • One
  • Pictionary Air
  • Faces and gestures
  • cake
  • character monopoly
  • Hedbanz
  • disney trivia

3- Recreational toys

Their desire to experiment never ends, they are also at the age of wanting to do everything on their own and their curiosity is at its maximum. They are normally used in open spaces or outdoors, they serve to free oneself from negative energies, help reduce stress and primarily promote integration among those who practice it. Take advantage of the moment and boost your creativity and healthy coexistence.

  • Memorama
  • bicycle or tricycle
  • Soccer ball or basketball
  • skate or a skateboard
  • remote control car
  • Action Figures or Barbies

4- Fun appliances

These types of appliances are a pleasure to have at parties or at home since they have a good size. In just minutes, family and friends can enjoy the taste of freshly popped popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, and even cupcakes.

  • popcorn machine
  • cotton candy machine
  • hot dog steamer
  • Machine to make cupcakes or popcakes

Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens

Teenagers begin to mature and are usually happy with any gift they receive. However, their main preferences include technology, items for personal use and/or accessories for their cell phones, tablets and computers. Here are some ideas:

1- Downloadable Printable Frame

A great gift for teens is a printable frame with a positive message for them, which you can get from PreciousRay Etsy store, and you’ll help them get a better behavior during the whole next year.

2- Gift cards for digital platforms

Don’t get complicated, teenagers are usually easy to understand, they want to be connected at all times and have access to current platforms. Give one of these cards for them to enjoy these platforms and you will receive a smile:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon-Prime
  • Disney+
  • Spotify

3- Comfortable clothes

How many times have we seen our children with their same clothes? We automatically say “You already look like a portrait” Change!… It is important that your children have the right clothes to carry out the daily play activities that we have told you about and even to sleep, the clothing and pajama sets are a clear example of how good your child looks with the comfort they need to feel free to play at home and rest.

  • pajamas
  • casual pajamas
  • cotton pants
  • leggings
  • sweatshirts
  • slippers
  • Underwear
  • Socks

4- Video games and/or accessories

If your children already have access to a video game console or a computer, a great gift can be:

  • Control to play with someone else
  • Gaming headband to listen and talk while playing
  • The trendy video game
  • Accessories

5- Didactic books

Thinking of young readers, there are books that have simple texts and striking illustrations, interesting and dynamic readings that help children to create the habit of reading, as well as develop their interest in different topics. Currently there are different options to acquire them either physically, digitally and even as an audiobook. You can give any of these options:

  • Kindle
  • Digital books for sale online
  • fitness books
  • Popular magazines and/or articles


The perfect time is approaching to show family love and enjoy the holidays, hence the importance of making the most of time at home to create bonds and why not? create memories that last a lifetime, with affordable gifts that will add to their development and fun.

Anticipate your Christmas gifts!

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