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5 Effects Of Clutter And How To Avoid Them

Many times we do not have time to clean or tidy up and our house becomes a mess . If our life is not organized, it is very difficult for our house to be and little by little we “get used to” living in a den.

The truth is that a disorganized life and a disorderly home can have catastrophic effects on ourselves . Because even if you think that disorder does not affect you, believe us when we say that it affects you a lot.

To feel the effects of disorder, you do not have to have a completely chaotic house. It is enough with some T-shirts on the chair, some shoes lying around, the dishes without scrubbing and little by little, the effects begin to appear.

Today we want you to open your eyes and realize that disorder affects our health and our pocketbook and, in addition, we are going to give you the keys to solve it immediately.

Effects of disorder in our day to day

1- A palace for mites and germs

We start with the most basic and obvious. And it is that where there is disorder and lack of cleanliness , there are germs and bacteria.

Leaving the dishes without scrubbing or the clothes in the washing machine for days causes microorganisms that affect our health to be born.

One of the first things we may notice is that we have allergies that we didn’t have before .

2- Increase in our stress levels

A messy house stresses us out, that’s how it is. But we do not say it, it is scientifically proven .

The stress hormone, cortisol, is triggered by a situation of chaos or bewilderment and this causes us to feel desperate, anguished or insecure.

Having chaos around us generates that feeling and blocks us emotionally even if we do not realize it.

3- Disorder depresses us

Yes, how you hear it.

Clutter makes our negativity increase and we have a worse mood.

This is easy to understand, because it is very uncomfortable to live in a house that is constantly messy and that, our body knows and it affects our behavior .

4- Decreased concentration

Now that with COVID-19 we have had to learn to work at home , you have to admit that working in the middle of the clutter of a room is a bit difficult.

Having a visual field full of things affects us and makes us unable to concentrate on the task we are doing.

And it is that, we cannot forget, that disorder affects our brain’s ability to process information .

5- A hole in our pocket

Clutter makes us spend more , even if you don’t believe it, having a messy house encourages you to eat more days away from home, to lose receipts and bills that you then have to pay with interest, to have to throw food away …

How to avoid the effects of clutter

As you can see, ending the disorder will bring us important benefits such as reducing stress, improving concentration, preventing allergies, reducing bad moods and saving money.

But for all this, you need to be organized and have a plan of cleaning and order in your house.

Our recommendation is that once a month you do a general cleaning in which you throw away or give a new life to everything that you do not use.

Month by month, we accumulate things that we no longer use or that we do not need. Some dance around the house and others are “hidden” in the attic of a closet. Be that as it may, they are things that we no longer use so the best thing is that we say goodbye to them.

In this way, you will avoid accumulating things that you do not need and you will avoid creating disorder.

Another recommendation is that you get used to giving each thing its place . That is, you assign each element its own space in the house. Thus, every time you use it you will have to return it to your site and you will always have everything organized.

Finally, we must perform a weekly cleaning of our house. We don’t tell you to clean windows and blinds every week, but we do tell you to clean up the whole house, sweep it up and scrub it.

You will see how the feeling of well-being is worth it .

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