Stop Wasting Your Time With The Built In GSA Search Engine Ranker No Follow Filter

One of the main things I see people question about my tiered link building with GSA Search Engine Ranker is why I try to only use do follow links in my campaigns. I have an upcoming case study planned to show my logic for this but for now I will use this video from Google and this post from Bing where both search engines discount no follow links from the target domains link graph.

There is also the common view that including no follow links in your link pyramids will make it look more “natural”. To this day I am still waiting for someone to show me what a “natural” link profile looks like as by their very nature they are totally random. I have even seen some people go as far as giving ratio for breakdowns of the link profile suggesting you make your pyramid 40% do follow and 60% no follow, to me, that’s just ridiculous.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Has A Button For That Right?

Usually, once I have convinced people to give do follow only link building a try they commonly put their faith in the “Try to skip creating NoFollow Links” tick box in the project options tab as shown in the screenshot below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Skip No Follow Links

When selecting the box you are even presented with the warning in the screenshot below telling you that the option is not accurate and no follow links can still be created.

GSA Search Engine Ranker No Follow Warning

To help get my point across I ran two test projects, one of contextual article platforms such as Articles, Social Networks and Wikis and one of blog comments, image comments, and guestbooks. Both are set to verify targets so we can check if we are getting do follow or no follow links and both are pulling their targets directly from a premium list as it is delivered from the list seller without any filtering at all. These projects were left to run for around 10 minutes before stopping them as I felt I had enough data to get my point across.

The screenshots below show the verified URL breakdown from the “Show Diagram” option for the projects in the top right corners.

Contextual Test Project

GSA Search Engine Ranker Contextual Verified Show Diagram

Blog Comment, Guestbook, Image Comment Test Project

GSA Search Engine Ranker Non Contextual Verified No Follow Count

As you can see the contextual test project produced around 22% no follow links while the non-contextual project produced a massive 83% no follow links with both projects having the “Try to skip creating NoFollow Links” option ticked.

How Do We Guarantee 100% Do Follow Links?

The simple answer is we can’t, but we can get pretty damn close. The most efficient method I am aware of is to use my list filtering method I explained in this post and then send all do follow targets created during the process to one of your site list folders then have your projects pull their targets from that folder, but even this is not 100% accurate. This is due to some webmasters changing their link types once the list has been filtered to become no follow rather than do follow but filtering the list in that way usually produces over 99% do follow links until the list is refiltered.


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