How To Increase The Quality Of The Targets On Your GSA Search Engine Ranker List!

One of the main problems with using GSA Search Engine Ranker as part of your link building strategy has always been the quality of the domains that were available to users while still keeping the tool cost efficient. While most users have access to GSA Captcha Breaker to solve the basic captchas used by many targets, many webmasters now use advanced captchas such as ReCaptcha, KCaptcha and Solve Captchas to protect their sites.

Although an excellent tool, there is only so much GSA Captcha Breaker is able to do for us and unfortunately, it does not perform well against these advanced captcha types meaning if you wish to target these domains then you will require a human solved captcha service. Until recently the cost of doing this would rapidly scale out of control making it an inefficient strategy.

I recently decided to try and work out a way to have GSA Search Engine Ranker efficiently target the domains protected by these advanced captchas as more often than not they have better domain metrics and are more likely to result in a benefit for your money site.

The Path Of Discovery

No matter what I tried, I could not think of a way to use a human captcha service with GSA Search Engine Ranker while still keeping its costs down. At the time there was no way to select a captcha service at project level meaning that if a ReCaptcha was detected on a non-contextual campaign then this captcha would also be sent to the human solved captcha service resulted in wasted captcha credits.

In the end, I decided the only way to achieve my goal was to make this suggestion and thankfully Sven quickly added it to the tool giving us the ability to control the captcha process from a project level!

Due to now having this feature available we can now enhance the list filtering process I explain in this post by adding in additional projects that filter only the best content management systems available by using human solved captcha services to get past their advanced captcha protection.

For example, I currently rate the BuddyPress, Drupal, and WordPress engines as some of the best engines that GSA Search Engine Ranker has to offer. As I value targets belonging to these content management systems I plan to incorporate specific filtering projects that only have these engines enabled for processing, initially, the captcha will be sent to GSA Captcha Breaker but if the target has advanced captcha protection the project will detect this and send the captcha directly to my human captcha solving service.

This enabled users to send only the targets for specific engines to their human captcha solver rather than any advanced captcha presented to any project or engine the user has running.

So How Do We Do It?

Well, it’s actually very easy to set up, the new feature has been added to the captcha settings in the project options panel. As you can see from the screenshot below, the new captcha option of “Ask user/services in custom order” has been added along with the ability to edit these settings in the future if you decide to tweak the project.

GSA Search Engine Ranker New Captcha Filter

When the user selects this captcha option for the project they will be presented with the window displayed in the screenshot below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker New Captcha Settings,

As you can see, the new option allows the user to set up how they wish this particular projects to handle captchas. You can see all of the captcha services the user has added to the captcha options tab. Currently, I only use GSA Captcha Breaker and my human captcha solving service but if I was to add an OCR Captcha service I would place it in the middle of the current two services.

Selecting one of the captcha services in the window will bring up the filter options for that particular service for the project as seen in the screenshot below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Captcha Filters

As you can see, you are able to set a retry limit, a PR filter, a do follow filter, send only hard captchas to this service, skip all hard captchas and present the ask user popup.

These are my current personal settings for these settings.

GSA Captcha Breaker

GSA Captcha Breaker Settings

Human Solved Captchas

Hard Captcha Settings

Essentially, I want GSA Captcha Breaker to be doing the majority of the heavy lifting for my projects and push as many captchas through it as possible as it has an excellent success rate for the majority of captchas while at the time of writing supporting over 1248 captchas! If I remember correctly, less than a year ago it supported 998 so you can see how quickly new captcha types are being added to the tool.

To enable GSA Captcha Breaker to focus on doing what it does best and solve basic captchas I have it set to “Skip Hard Captchas” so it does not waste time, threads or system resources on something it probably won’t solve.

I then have the human solved captcha service set up as a secondary service. I have the “Only For Hard Captchas” option ticked to make sure only advanced captcha types are passed through to this service to minimize the risk of wasting captcha credits on a captcha type that GSA Captcha Breaker might be able to solve on its second try.

What Does This All Mean?

Due to addition of this feature, the tool now possesses a realistic way to incorporate a human solved captcha service. As users, we are now able to try and get higher quality targets onto our lists that are not being used by everyone else with the tool. I can also see this feature becoming important for SEREngine usage when version two comes out of beta and has more engines added to it.

A word of warning, if a webmaster has taken the time to upgrade their captcha type then there is a decent chance the domain may have human moderation before approving articles. An easy way around this is to quickly type up a high-quality article to load into the project to submit to these sites. If the domain does have human moderation then they will see the high-quality article and approve it. This results in a verified link and you know the domain accepts article submissions.

There are then three potential paths you can take in my opinion, the first is to use content from an automated content generation tool and hope some of it slips by the human moderator. The second is to invest in a decent manual spinning tool and take the time to make some high-quality manual spins and submit them to the domains. Finally, you could check the metrics of the domains and write up high-quality articles and manually submit them to the domains that have the best metrics.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this article has provided you with a better understanding of how the new captcha feature provides users with the ability to build a stronger verified list for GSA Search Engine Ranker and submit content to domains that have better metrics than what your competition has access to.


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