Transforming Profile and Forum Engines In To Contextuals In Less Than 30 Seconds!

In this post, I will be going over how you can easily transform the contextual profile and forum links you create with GSA Search Engine Ranker from short 150 word bios into full blown contextual articles with less than 30 seconds work! Since discovering this twist recently I have more than trebled the unique targets I have available for my tiered link building due to the new engines the twist has essentially unlocked for me.

One quick thing I want to add is that I suspect my new test network domains are still in the sandbox as covered in my post here. This means I am yet to see any results since implementing this change but I am using it in a variation of this method I posted over on blackhatworld a few month back so I am confident that I will see results from it soon. Even if you are not using a method with GSA Search Engine Ranker on your tier one and only use the tool on tier two or three you are able to utilize this twist to increase the target pool available for your link building.

My Previous Thinking

As you can see from the link above to my post on blackhatworld, I previously used to use both contextual and forum profiles in my link building before I decided to drop them once it became difficult to index them. Essentially all I would do is import the content from an automated content generation tool and activate my projects. This would create contextual and forum profiles similar to those shown in the screenshots below.

Contextual Profile Created With GSA Search Engine Ranker

Contextual Article Profile Created With GSA Search Engine Ranker

Forum Profile Created With GSA Search Engine Ranker

Forum Profile Created With GSA Search Engine Ranker

As you can see, both link types are very thin on content, the page offers no real information to Google to let the search engine spiders know what the page is actually about or if it is actually niche relevant to your link pyramid in anyway.

I would imagine if google did crawl the page they may think the page would offer little to no value to anyone who ended up on the page via their search engine and refuse to index the page. In my opinion, if a link is not indexed then it offers no value to your tier link building pyramid so this would be a problem.

Now let’s take a quick look at some example pages I have had GSA Search Engine Ranker create with my new twist.

Contextual Profile With Full Article Posted From GSA Search Engine Ranker

A Contextual Profile Created With A Full Article Using GSA Search Engine Ranker!

Forum Profile With Full Article Posted Created In GSA Search Engine Ranker

As you can see, both of the new pages contain around 500 words of niche relevant content that in my opinion at least, have a much better chance of being indexed in Google. Although the auto spun article in these examples only produces around 500 words of content, the articles I am using on my live link building campaigns are creating pages with upwards of 1500 words on them now.

I would imagine that this is the main reason the contextual profile and forum link batches in my GSA SER platform indexing case study here were able to achieve such a high indexing percentage!

So How Do We Do It?

Well guys, its so simple I can’t believe I never thought of doing it sooner! All we are going to do is take advantage of the GSA macro integrations listed on their official list here. The specific macro we are interested in to achieve this particular goal is the %article% macro.

Essentially, it will pull the content for an article that you have loaded into your project anytime a page requests data for a specific field and then posts a full article to it.

You can see the default imported data from an auto-generated content tool in the about yourself field in the screenshot below, this is how the projects in the first set of example screenshots above were set up.

GSA Search Engine Ranker About Yourself Field

The screenshot below shows the same field using the %article% macro to pull content from the articles loaded into the project as used in the second set of example screenshots above.

GSA Search Engine Ranker About Yourself Field With The Macro

In theory, you could just paste the article data into this field but even a heavily spun article have a limit on how many times it can be used before it starts to create duplicate portions of the article and potentially leading to problems for the user. Using this macro allows the tool to pull from ALL articles loaded into the project meaning if the user loads 50 articles into the project this short macro command will randomly pull its data from any of the 50 articles.

To achieve these same results manually the user would have to generate the 50 articles, then spin them all togeather and manually add them to the about yourself field. Personally, I feel this is too much effort when there is such a simple macro available for the exact same result.

Any Other Uses For The Macro?

Well until very recently I had disregarded the forum post link type in GSA Search Engine Ranker as I had seen a number of people previously report that the forum moderators simply deleted the links before they were able to offer any real benefit to the users tiered link building.

Recently, I decided to test this and the forums on the premium lists I use seem to have been abandoned by their webmasters meaning the links are sticking and in theory offer value to the link pyramid.

Simply add the %article% macro to the Forum Post field as shown in the screenshot below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Forum Comment Field With Macro

The below screenshot shows the results of using the macro in this field on an example project.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Created Forum Post

As you can see, the macro posts a full niche relevant article for the user meaning they are able to sculpt the relevance of the page to whatever topic they require for their particular link pyramid!

Are There Any Limitations Of The Macro?

Although the macro will always function and pull the data for the field from the articles loaded in the project, some of the content management systems in the contextual profile and forum platforms within GSA Search Engine Ranker do limit its functionality, especially when it comes to forum engines.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Article Macro Being Cut Short By Content Management System

The Screenshot above shows an example of this, the content management system has a hardcoded limit for the number of characters that can be posted in the users profile, essentially cutting the article short.

To get around this problem I ran a full blast of all contextual profile and forum engines supported by GSA Search Engine Ranker. I then pushed all available targets for those engines from the premium list I am using through those projects. Once the blast was complete, I then manually checked twenty or so verified URLs for each of the content management systems used and checked if they clip the articles short or not. I then dropped the engines that were clipping the articles and kept the ones that were posting full articles to use in my link building.

I hope this post has helped some of my readers and I really wish someone had told me about this all those years ago when I first began to use the tool but at least I worked it out in the end!Sh


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