The True Indexing Potential Of The GSA SER Platforms!

As part of rebuilding my new money site network after taking a hit from Penguin 4 I have been testing as many things as possible with regards to black hat link building. As my results have been all over the place recently when using GSA Search Engine Ranker I decided to index check link batches from the main platforms that I consider safe to use on my tier one.

How I Plan To Run The Test

When completing this case study on a number of different indexing services I noticed early on that one premium indexing service was out performing the other methods in the test by far. Due to this I have decided to use the same service for this test, this will not only help compare its efficiency when used on various GSA Search Engine Ranker platforms but also the difference between how well automated web 2.0s index in comparison to GSA Search Engine Ranker links.

After some thought, I have settled on the following seven link groups for testing.

  • Contextual Articles
  • Buddypress, Drupal and WordPress
  • Contextual Profiles
  • Forum Profiles
  • Forum Posts
  • Joomla K2
  • PHPWeb

The contextual articles link batch will consist of the engines that are able to post full articles during a submission from the article, social network and wiki platforms.

Although the contextual article link batch will include the Buddypress, Drupal and WordPress engines I have decided to run a separate test batch made up of links exclusively from these engines. I have always regarded these as the best engines GSA Search Engine Ranker has to offer. They are widely used by a number of high quality domains and I am curious to see if they have any advantage when it comes to indexing because of the content management system they run.

Although I have not used contextual profiles or the forum platform in my live link building for months I have decided to include them in this test as I have recently discovered something that may see them return to my link link building projects. I don’t want to go into why this is in this post but keep your eye on the tutorials section of the blog as I will reveal all if my tests work.

The contextual profiles link batch will be made up of the engines that only post to a profile page rather than create a new article submission from the article, social network and wiki platforms. I have seen a number of people create posts on the various forums claiming that Google does not index pages that have things such as /profile/ in their url. As many of these links will have things similar to this in their url, I am interested to see if there is any truth to this.

The forum profiles link batch will be made up of a select few engines from the forum platform. As I have already mentioned, I don’t want to go into what these engines are or why I have only selected a few of them, but keep an eye on the tutorials section in the coming weeks and all will be revealed. These are similar link types to the contextual profiles so this link batch will also offer some insight into any indexing issues profiles may have.

The forum posts link batch will again be made up of a select few engines from the forum platform but rather than creating profiles on the domain they will be actual forum posts. In the past I have completely disregarded these links without ever testing them. This was due to a number of people mentioning the forum administrators simply delete the forum posts made by SER as they were clearly made by an automated tool. I have completed a few small tests recently and this does not seem to be the case, I guess these domains have been abandoned so the posts made by the tool are left to age.

I completed a massive amount of testing on Joomla K2 engine back when it was first added to GSA Search Engine Ranker at the time I considered it a minefield of hacked domains. Tim89 made this post over on the GSA Forum and pretty much summed the situation up perfectly. I dropped the Joomla K2 platform from my live link building projects but kept them on test projects to see if I could get anything going with them.

In my opinion, the platform remained in the same state until around June 2016, this seemed to line up with the Joomla 3.6 release. I am not sure if this content management system update resulted in an update to the K2 platform too, but within weeks threads like this one began to pop up on the GSA Forum. The verified link count from the platform dropped massively but the domains that were still being verified were relatively clean by SER standards so I have decided to include a link batch of pages created with the Joomla K2 engine to see how they index.

The final link batch is the PHPWeb link batch, essentially it will be made up of links created from the PHPWeb engine. I have never been a fan of this engine for a number of reasons but I have recently decided to include them in a few test projects to increase the reffering domains I have available.

I plan to create around 5000 links for each of the link batches spread over as many domains as possible. I will then instantly submit them to my premium indexing service of choice and wait four weeks. Once the four weeks have passed I will alive check the link batches and index check a maximum of one thousand links from each batch.ue to the link retention problems explained in this post I expect some of the batches to drop below one thousand links but provided they still have over five hundred alive links after the four weeks I will still index check them.

Due to the link retention problems explained in this post I expect some of the batches to drop below one thousand links, provided they still have at least five hundred remaining links after alive checking once the four weeks have passed I will still index check them.

Time For A Prediction

I predict that the link batch of Buddypress, Drupal and WordPress links will have the highest indexing rate followed by the contextual articles batch. After that, I really have no idea what to expect but I am looking forward to finding out how the remaining link batches index!

The Results Are In!

Contextual Articles

GSA Search Engine Ranker Contextual Articles Indexing Batch Results

Buddypress, Drupal, WordPress

GSA Search Engine Ranker Buddypress Drupal and WordPress Indexing Batch Results

Contextual Profiles

GSA Search Engine Ranker Contextual Profile Indexing Case Study

Forum Profiles

GSA Search Engine Ranker Forum Profile Indexing Results

Forum Posts

GSA Search Engine Ranker Forum Post Indexing Results

Joomla K2

GSA Search Engine Ranker Joomla K2 Indexing Results


GSA Search Engine Ranker PHPWeb Indexing Results
GSA Search Engine Ranker Platform and Engine Index Test Results

What I Make Of It All

As you can see from the results, the various test batches came in with a relatively wide range of indexing rates. Surprisingly, we have the contextual profile and PHPWeb link batches joint top with 76 percent of their link batch indexed after the four weeks. Although I am still skeptical about running the PHPWeb engine on my tier one, I plan to increase the number of test projects that have it included in lower tiers to see how the tests progress.

My case study here using web 2.0 pages with the same indexing service was able to reach an indexing rate of 98% over only three weeks. Personally, I would expect the indexing rates of pages on domains used by GSA Search Engine Ranker to be lower as the domains are of a much lower quality than that of an established web 2.0 but it is good to see that indexing rates are getting back to how they were in the middle of 2016!

The image below shows the link batches in descending order sorted by indexing rate.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Indexing Test Results In Order

Although they still managed to get over 60 percent of their link batches indexed I am surprised that the contextual article link batch and the buddypress, drupal and wordpress link batches are so far down the table! It just goes to show that everything should be tested and to never take anything on presumption!

Additionally, I am happy to see both of the forum link batches getting over 70 percent of their links indexed! Not that I have an indexing service able to index the links from these platforms I plan to set more tests up using variations of the method I explained in this thread around a year ago over on blackhatworld.

Although I doubt that exact method will work anymore, seeing the indexing potential of the forum platform and the contextual profile link type has given me hope that a variation will work.

I hope this thread has helped some of my readers see the potential of these platforms, I know the results of the case study have surprised me! I now plan to begin tests on link types I had either disregarded completely or dropped in the past to see if they are able to get more of my test sites to begin to climb!


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