How To Easily Manage All Your Backlinks In One Place!

In this post, I will be going over how you can use GSA Search Engine Ranker to manage every backlink you build in your link building campaign no matter what the original source of the link. I prefer to use this method as it keeps all of my backlinks in one place as well as providing me the functionality to alive check my links, check if they are do follow or no follow as well as a bunch of other things.

Off the top of my head, I can’t actually remember the last time I ran a campaign without implementing this method as it allows me to display links created with SER, an automated web 2.0 creator, manual web 2.0s, manual social bookmarks, manual profile submission or any other links I have manually created all in the same place as shown in the screenshot below.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Project Management

As you can see, in this example the tier one campaigns consist of automated web 2.0’s, expired web 2.0 pages, manual blog comments, manual social bookmarks and private blog network links all made outside of GSA Search Engine Ranker as well as some contextual articles made within SER.

On top of that, I can run the navigation in the screenshot below and be presented with a bunch of control options for the links that I would not normally have if I just left them in a bunch of text files in a folder such as have the full pyramid re-verify themselves.

GSA Search Engine Ranker Show Veifired URLs

When running the navigation above the user will be presented with the following window, for the purpose of the example I have already completed a verification by pressing the “Verify” button at the bottom of the window.

GSA Search Engine Ranker

As you can see I have a bunch of information readily available to me regarding my backlinks that would normally take me some time to gather if I had chosen to just leave my URLs in a text file on my hard drive. One thing I would like to mention is that GSA Search Engine Ranker will usually display the wrong engine for the URL, this is due to the way SER generates this information, essentially it checks for footprints on the page that match an engine and then that URL will be labeled as that engine. It is not uncommon to have web 2.0 targets labeled as URL shorteners and such, you can manually add new engines with the correct footprints if you like to avoid this but I just leave it as is to save time.

How Do I Set That Up?

It’s actually a very easy system to implement. For this example, I will go over creating a tier one holding project to hold URLs from my automated web 2.0 creator.

  1. Create a new project, right-click its platform pane and select check none and add your money site URL into the URL column as shown in the screenshot below and then press ok. This URL is required for the project to correctly reverify the links for you as the process checks for the presence of the URL you enter into this field to class it as alive. If this was a tier two project then you would put your tier one link URLs in here that you wish to check.
  2. Next, right click the project – show URLs – Verified. You will be presented with an error box saying that the project has no verified URLs, just press ok. In the verified URL window, complete the navigation shown in the screenshot below to load the URLs from your automated web 2 creator tool into the project. I usually load them from clipboard but if you have them saved to a file, select the file option rather than the clipboard.
  3. Complete the above steps as many times as required to recreate your campaign in this structure. Be sure to match the URLs you paste into the verified window up with the URL you put into the projects data tab to make sure alive checking will work correctly for you all through your tiers.
  4. Although I prefer to manually run the alive checks you are able to set the automatic reverify options up in the project options tab and GSA Search Engine Ranker will automatically reverify your links at user defined periods as shown in the screenshot below.
GSA Search Engine Ranker Project Options Re-verify backlinks

Wrapping It Up

From talking to people on the GSA Forum it seems most people are not aware you are able to manage your projects in this way with GSA Search Engine Ranker so I wanted to put a blog post up to explain the process. I can remember back when I first started implementing other link sources into my link building campaigns and I used to keep text files containing the URLs in various folders in my dropbox causing no end of problems.

I have a few projects where I set out my links in this way without having a single link in that campaign generated from SER, I just prefer to have all my data available in one place so highly recommend you try it.


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