607 Links Per Minute With Free Public Proxies! GSA SER

As long as I can remember people, including myself, have always advised users to only use semi dedicated proxies for submissions when using GSA Search Engine Ranker. I can’t speak for the other people sharing this advice but my own personal logic is that the public proxies get hammered by many people at once meaning they are slower than semi dedicated proxies. Additionally, they can go offline at any time causing a nightmare for submissions.

I plan to run the exact same case study as I did in this post where I had the same rig running over 763 links per minute. The only difference between that case study and this one will be the proxies. Rather than using semi-dedicated proxies I will delete my proxy bank and then get SER to scrape for its own public proxies for use during the test submissions.

Time For A Prediction

As I have already mentioned, public proxies have a number of problems so I can’t see them performing anywhere near as well as a set of semi-dedicated proxies. In addition to using a lower grade of proxies, GSA Search Engine Ranker will also have to take time and use resources to go out and scrape these proxies itself as well as process them to make sure they are live and usable by the tool.

How Am I Going To Carry Out The Test

I plan to use my fresh list that has been filtered as explained in this thread I then plan to run 25 projects, all pulling their targets from that same list. All of the projects will be set up as I explain here to be optimized for speed and volume rather than higher quality domains.

All of the captchas will be processed by GSA Captcha Breaker with no external support. Once activated the projects will be left to run for one hour being the only projects in that installation of SER to ensure all resources are dedicated to the test. After the hour is up the links per minute metric will be recorded and the test ended.

The Results Are In

GSA Search Engine Ranker Public Proxies

As you can see from the above screenshot, after one hour of use the test project had 1800 active threads running, 34 public proxies and was holding at 606.92 links per minute.

What I Make Of It

In all honesty, I didn’t expect public proxies to be able to perform anywhere nearly as well as they did. Haveing a free resource available that is built into the tool while being able to pull such a high links per minute is a massive advantage to people new to the tool trying to keep costs down.

The semi-dedicated proxies only managed to pull 21% more links per minute than the free public proxies making me question my own operation of if it is actually worth paying for the semi-dedicated proxies for my GSA Search Engine Ranker projects.


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